Unsung Heroes In The Border

Border Stories

Our borders ain’t a mere thin line, its a line connected by lakhs of sacrifices, not just of our soldiers this includes civilians too.

Unsung heroes whose stories you won’t find them in our textbooks , they dont wear uniforms they have no formal training no qualifications. the the tiny bits they do in order to help is of great service to nation and army.. all that is required from them is to show their bravery , corageous action , respect for the nation and love for their motherland.

Indo-china Border is an example of such a harmonious habitat. there the civilians and the army work in hand to hand, very supportive, encouraging. Army here doesn’t feel they are away from home. Hence the border here seems very peaceful.

Oh! Eighteen it is..

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”

— Albert Einstein 


Colourful dreams, Soul set on fire

Hormones go for roller coaster rides

Mind echoes of chaos, Old enough to vote

Too Young for solo trips

Oh! Eighteen it is

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